Operation Hephaestus, the newest line of defense for the United Earth Council.  A merger of human and technology on a new scale to produce exceptional results under the toughest situations while still leaving the soldier physically intact.  No longer will the cost of meeting the toughest challenges the core has to offer be an arm and a leg, now soldiers will be able to suit up and meet the same levels of strength and ability that an augmented soldier with the protection to greatly reduce the chances of losing life or limb.  With this these chosen soldiers will be able to go out and work on broad ranges of missions, working as combatants, diplomats, traders, engineers, you name it with the best advantages we can give them.

Your characters will be some of the first soldiers to test the Colossus Armor an experimental battle suit that is being designed to strengthen the soldier, aid in tasks, and perform above and beyond what is currently capable by man.  Each suit is adjustable (though it does take a decent amount of time) to enhance each of the chosen soldiers styles or provide assistance in areas that they might be deficient in.

Technology level: We are still using conventional arms, we haven't hit the plasma beams and laser rifle level yet for personal armaments, though some of the large ships in the fleet do have access to that technology.  Advanced Tech will be available for purchase with Fate points early in the game. 

Skills: Starting with 18, using the tower method.

Stunts: For this game they are more suit specific, based on the technology available enhancing your character.  For the start of the game you will be allowed two but as the project is moved into further phases other slots will be activated for the Colossus Armor.  As long as you have availability to engineering you will be able to change and adjust stunts as during the game at down time periods for changing, this usually takes about two days (Not that keeping tract of time will be that important, you will informed if there is time when you ask for the switch between events).

Aspects: For this game we are going with two personal traits and your profession prior to joining the program.  This is in addition to high aspect and trouble.


Operation Hephaestus

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